Config Manager TS Errors and possible solutions

ErrorTypeCausePossible Solution
0x87D01106TSApp Install – bad commandCheck command line/Application Path
0x87D0031DTSApp Install – Misconfiguration Assiged to user but setup to only install when no user is signed in.
0x87D00324 TSApp Install – Bad detection rule?Check if detection rule applies.
0x800701E7TS??Restart with boot CD or PXE.
0×80070032TSNo file systemUsing command support, format (quick) the disk or recreate the disk using diskpart.exe
0×80070490TSPartition too small for image/
~Failed to find driver for PCI\VEN device
~trying to use a WIM image that does not specify OS bit-depth support (32/64)
Repartition drive
Review SMSTS.log for driver info. Likely need to add the PCI\VEN into an .inf or txtsetup.oem file
0×80070241TSError during TS user interface caused in memoryRestart with boot CD or PXE.
0x80072EE7TSIP address is not on a subnet that connect to the SCCM serverChange the port the Ethernet cable is connected on. Restart with boot CD or PXE
0×800704d0TSCorrupted wim file/Drive Marked as DirtyRun “Chkdsk c: /offlinescanandfix” on HD
0×80070570TSCorrupted wim file/Drive Marked as DirtyRun “Chkdsk c: /offlinescanandfix” on HD
0x80040001TSCould not get the client GUIDCheck whether the machine has been imported to the site database. Refer to clientidmgr.log in MP location for details.
0x80040101TSNetwork access account is not setCheck the admin UI to make sure Network Access Account is set
0x80040102TSNo content location returned for the given packageCheck the server side to make sure the package is distributed to at least one distribution point. Also check whether advertisement allows the task sequence to fall back to remote distribution point when there is no local distribution point
0x80040103TSCould not access package content in the distribution pointMake sure Network Access Account is set correctly. Check the underline network connectivity.
0x80040104TSCould not find reference program policyMake sure the reference program policy is downloaded locally. Check policy agent log for details.
0x80040105TSCould not find CCM_ClientAgentConfig raw policyMake sure policy is downloaded locally. Check policy agent log for details.
0x80004005 TSFailed to get client identityTry a different boot media, Check network connection, IPCONFIG and DNS,  Check Time and Date, Format C: drive
0x80091007TSHash Error on task sequenceHardDrive Test, Check Time, Task sequence might had recently been changed. Wait a few minutes and try again
0x8024001aTSFailed to install updatesShouldn’t affect anything, click restart button
0x80070057TSFailure to Retrieve Policies.Check Network Connectivity, Quick Format
0x80022005TS??- Possible bad naming script.Retry image; Verify that name length is 15 or less characters long with no spaces.
0x80072ee7TSwinhttp failureCheck Network Connectivity, IPCONFIG and DNS settings
0x800700a1TSCannot Write to…format the drive. If new drive: Partition
0x80070002TSCannot find file specified.Check Time/Connection, Run “Chkdsk c: /offlinescanandfix” on HD,  (Desktop Management) Check software on DP, Check pool status on MP/DP.
0x80070570TS_SMSTaskSequence – directories could not be createdFormat C: Drive 
0x800703E5TSOverlapped I/O operation is in progress.Bad hash, update/transfer for package in progress. 
0x00000001TSTask in sequence failedCheck logs for script/task errors
0xC0000001TSRecent software changeFormat C: Drive 
0x80070032TSFailed to prepare the system partition for stagingRepartition HD format as NTFS,  If UEFI image BOOT to UEFI not Legacy.
0x8007000ETSToo many Tasks, Updates, Packages applied to Object/MachineMake Unknown, Disable Updates, Remove machine from installation collections.
SCCLient has
Stopped Working (BEX)
Software CenterDisplay Driver issueUpdate Display Driver, Switch to microsoft generic display driver.